Your separation in good hands

Separating from your partner or getting divorced turns your world upside down all of a sudden. At times like these, you need someone who can take care of all of the aspects of your separation, whether they be financial, tax-related, legal or administrative. Scheidingsexpert and ABN AMRO Bank have teamed up to help you.

Specifically for ABN AMRO's English-speaking customers

Specifically for ABN AMRO's English-speaking customers, Scheidingsexpert will provide its services in English. Your calls will also be answered in English.
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ABN AMRO Bank and
Scheidingsexpert work together

Scheidingsexpert Nederland has teamed up with ABN AMRO Bank. If you wish, the ABN AMRO advisor and your separation counsellor will consult each other throughout the separation process and make sure that the banking advice and separation advice are compatible.
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International aspects of divorce

Did you get married in another country? Are you or both of a foreign national? If so, your divorce will take on an international character, making it more complex than it already is.
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Calculate the maintenance indexation here

The law stipulates an annual increase in maintenance payments, and the Minister of Justice sets the indexation rate in late November every year. This indexation rate is compulsory for child maintenance,The indexation rate is not compulsory for partner maintenance, however The arrangements made for your situation are recorded in your divorce settlement.
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